Weekly readings

If you are looking for the course requirements, see the Syllabus page.


Readings for the 1st of March 2018

First, please fill out our questionnaire about who you are: https://goo.gl/forms/Lj9eh1EBG36023sJ3

  1. Concise introduction to fallacies of reasoning: http://faculty.ccri.edu/paleclerc/logic/fallacies.shtml
  2. List of fallacies: https://informationisbeautiful.net/visualizations/rhetological-fallacies/ (czech version: http://www.obcanskevzdelavani.cz/work/ke-stazeni/argumentacni-fauly-A3-barva.pdf)

Readings for the 8th of March 2018

  1. Basic: Wilson & Bar-Anan (2008) The Unseen Mind: http://citeseerx.ist.psu.edu/viewdoc/download?doi=
  2. Optional: Kahneman & Tversky (1974): Judgment under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases: http://people.hss.caltech.edu/~camerer/Ec101/JudgementUncertainty.pdf
  3. Bonus;-) http://existentialcomics.com/comic/9

Reading for the 15th of March 2018

  1. Pronin & Kugler (2006) Valuing thoughts, ignoring behavior: The introspection illusion as a source of the bias blind spot. https://jdc325.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/bias_blind_spot_pronin.pdf

Reading for March 28th

  1. Required:How to spot fake news: https://www.factcheck.org/2016/11/how-to-spot-fake-news/
    1. alternative for czech-speaking students: http://zvolsi.info/manual-2/ (targetting high-school students but still worth reading)
  2. Optional: Field Guide to Fake News  
  3. Optional: Vosoughi, S., Roy, D., & Aral, S. (2018). The spread of true and false news online. Science, 359(6380), 1146-1151.
    • you can use Sci-Hub if you don’t have access to Science
  4. Bonus: take a fake news detection test: http://factitious.augamestudio.com/#/

Reading for April 5th 2018

  1. Required: Richard Feynman (1966) What is science: http://profizgl.lu.lv/pluginfile.php/32795/mod_resource/content/0/WHAT_IS_SCIENCE_by_R.Feynman_1966.pdf
  2. Optional: Saturday Night Live: Theodoric of York, Medieval Barber (video, 6.5 minutes)

Reading for May 3rd 2018

  1. Required: Crawford, Kate. “Six provocations for big data.” (2011)., available at: bigdata.jdem.cz
  2. Optional, but highly recommended: Guide to Bayesian thinking, with explanations at multiple levels of difficulty and detail: https://arbital.com/p/bayes_rule/?l=1zq

Readings for May 10th 2018

  1. Required: Cook & Lewandowsky (2011) The Debunking Handbook: https://www.skepticalscience.com/docs/Debunking_Handbook.pdf
  2. Optional: Engber (2018) LOL Something Matters: https://slate.com/health-and-science/2018/01/weve-been-told-were-living-in-a-post-truth-age-dont-believe-it.html